Beyond Sharing: “Open Source Design” / Wordcamp NYC

Towards the discussion I will be leading on this subject at Wordcamp, this Saturday 11:30am I wanted to share with you this diagram I’m proposing for discussing the open source process and how might design be a part of it.

Teaser image for my talk at Wordcamp
Teaser image for my talk at Wordcamp
  • What is the motivation model that have been perfected in open source coding? (especially in the WordPress community)
  • Can it be applied to design too?
  • How might it need to change to fit the design process?
  • What examples can we draw from within the WordPress community and from outside it?

I would lead a discussion addressing these questions, and to provide my insights from 4 semesters of teaching the Open Source Design class at Parsons’ AAS Graphic Design program, from my experience as a design professional in Shual studio and from the development process on my own open source project, ShiftSpace.

I am very excited towards Wordcamp this weekend and I hope to see you in my session and beyond.

Presentation slides included:

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