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We follow the money, this is where we got so far…

Next week I will attend the Transparency and Accountability Initiative‘s Follow The Money workshop in Berlin. Towards this event they invited me to share our story following the money in Israel with the larger Follow The Money and Open Spending community, in English. The post chronicles our story from the fires of the Carmel Heights […]

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Beautiful Evidence, Pretty Lies / Art Review

Art Review’s wonderful Hettie Judah interviewed me and some of my dear colleagues for a piece about data, its visualization and their discontents. The article refers to my previous writing about Disinformation Visualization. It was just published in Art Review’s December 2014 issue: As surveillance culture and the mass gathering of data have grown, so […]

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Launched: homepage

We’ve just launched — The Budget Key (מפתח התקציב) an Israeli budget transparency site exposing, comparing and visualizing the way the budget changes and extending civil society’s ability to follow the money. This is one of the Public Knowledge Workshop’s main initiatives. It was led by Adam Kariv (who developed it) and by myself […]

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Adnauseam—Clicking Ads So You Don’t Have To

Proud to announce my collaboration with Daniel Howe and Helen Nissenbaum: AdNauseam—a browser add-on that obfuscate data mining by also ‘clicking’ every blocked ad.  

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When OPEN DATA Goes Wrong

Talk at the Open Knowledge Festival 2014. July 16th at Kulturbrauerei in Berlin.

Attribution: Gregor Fischer, 16.07.2014

Slides, Interview and Stickers from The Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin #okfest14 In July 16th I participated in the Can Open Data Go Wrong session at the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin, hosted by my friends from the Engine Room. I was one of four speakers sharing horror stories of big data and big hopes […]

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Slides for my “Conflict of Interface” talk at Eyebeam

Conflict of Interface (eng) from Mushon Zer-Aviv Originally presented at The Politics of Interface and Obfuscation a special event at Eyebeam, NYC on March 11th, 2014, together with Helen Nissenbaum (NYU) and moderated by Michael Connor (Rhizome). The internet, once associated with openness and decentralization, is increasingly understood in terms of control exerted by government […]

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Disinformation Visualization: How to lie with datavis (the essay)

Invade A Hospital

Following my Disinformation Visualization workshop at the Info Activism Camp, the wonderful people at the Tactical Tech Collective have invited me to publish these ideas as an essay on their site. I am cross-posting the opening here and encourage you to read the whole thing on the Visualizing Advocacy site (and get their wonderful book […]

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Audio-Spatial Storytelling

The following is a short essay I wrote for the 10th issue of Shoppinghour Magazine (UK) titled Feast on Listen. It involves what I refer to as an Audio-Spatial experience and is mainly inspired by my experience with the You Are Not Here project. For the past few decades digital storytelling have been delivered mainly […]

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OPEN DESIGN NOW / Learning By Doing

I guess “NOW” is relative as the essay I wrote for Open Design Now is now at least 2 years old. But still I figured it makes sense to share. (on more than one level) I recommend reading this in the original site, but just as a backup I will publish it here as well. […]

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The Turing Normalizing Machine

A machine learning experiment trying to decode social normalcy. This is a collaboration between Yonatan Ben-Simhon and myself and was initially presented at the Science Museum in Jerusalem as a part of the Other Lives exhibition inspired by the life and work of Alan Turing on his birthday anniversary. More at the project’s page:

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