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A Subtle Zionist Occupation of Gaza through Google Maps

Questionable priorities of archeological facts on Google Maps, divisive cross-lingual links on Wikipedia… Are the ideological distortions of history on so-called balanced online services here to stay? As I was working with Laila El-Haddad on the 2009 version of You Are Not Here, we were looking for interesting locations to feature on our mediated/dislocated tour. […]

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This is a paper I wrote for an assignment in the first semester (before I set up the blog). The assignment was to define life in about 10 years from now, at first I thought it was a little childish and geeky but then I started, and quite enjoyed it, hope you do too.

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Show & Tell: Contemporary Cartography vs. Cybernetics in History

For my Show & Tell spot at the Theoretical aspects of interactivity class, I would discuss some of the ideas brought up in Norbert Weiner’s ‘Cybernetics in history’ essay, concerning my thoughts about contemporary cartography and community GIS. Here are some ideas I would like to go over in class:

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The Upgrade! World Map

Started experimenting with this opensource map, check it out: http://www.mushon.com/upgrade/map2

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Where It’s @

The following is a draft for a course Dan and I might give in Eyebeam: Where It’s @ mapping and location awareness Mapping is first and foremost an attempt of contextualizing one’s surrounding environment. More than just asking “Where am I?” we believe the cartographer is also concerned with the question “Where am I not?” […]

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