Good Listeners

Introducing: Good Listeners

a spiritual plugin visualizing the (forced) confessions obtained by divine web trackers.

As the Decode exhibition opens I am very happy to launch a brand new project today, Good Listeners, commissioned by the V&A with generous support from the Porter Foundation and in collaboration with Design Museum Holon.

Good Listeners is a browser plugin that exposes the secret ways in which our browsing habits are shared with and mined by 3rd party web trackers (like Google Analytics and Facebook “Like”) without our consent or knowledge. Whenever a site exposes the visitor’s data to a third party service a confessional booth window is opened and the priest in the window offers words of invisible wisdom, divine providence and spiritual guidance pertaining to matters of web browsing, social networking, e-commerce and digital identity.

…Learn more and install the plugin on the Good Listeners site.

(and many thanks to the wonderful Zohar Arad for the awesome code work on the project)