My People, Let Pharaoh Go!

Thoughts about opt-in surveillance technologies

Unforgettable Face

I just lately came across this cool website called Riya. Riya is an image search engine that doesn’t only search the data associated with the image, but actually searches the image content itself. Riya recognizes text in the images and through it’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and human faces through it’s impressive face recognition technology. You can train Riya to know that a specific face belongs to a specific name. While image storage and managing services such as Flickr require the user to tag the images with metadata, Riya is smart, it can learn, and it can put a name to a face.

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This is a paper I wrote for an assignment in the first semester (before I set up the blog). The assignment was to define life in about 10 years from now, at first I thought it was a little childish and geeky but then I started, and quite enjoyed it, hope you do too. Continue reading “Downhill”

Surveillance & Privacy in art

For my ‘current events’ in privacy & information I have decided to give some examples of new-media artworks / experiments that refer to the subject. This is a choice of some project which will each give its own perspective and hopefully be informative as a ‘what’s being done in the field’ kind of overview. This is of-course a very limited overview, but hopefully you’ll find it useful and inspiring. Continue reading “Surveillance & Privacy in art”

An Emergent Public Artwork in 116th Street

About two months ago, Galia and I were walking down 116th Street in Harlem. Being terribly late for our meeting with Dan and Ellie, we tried to walk as fast as we could. As we were walking by a little neighborhood Basketball court, something there made us stop. In the middle of the court the Basketball hoop was lying, it’s base torn off and it’s board flat facing the ground. Something about this image was so disturbing for us that we couldn’t just walk by and ignore it.

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OFFF Interview

Just published an interview with Offf festival’s chief curator, Hector Ayuso. In the changing scene of new-media design, the Barcelona born OFFF festival has always presented the voice of the creative cutting edge. Pixelsurgeon interviews Hector Ayuso, OFFF s chief curator towards the coming up OFFF MX 2006 (March 2-4). Check the rest of the … Continue reading OFFF Interview