A violent night in Harlem

3 thoughts on “A violent night in Harlem”

  1. I also am pleased the lads OK
    We get this kind of thing all the time in the UK. Its anything but rare. Knives and guns used too – vanishingly rare in the UK before the immigration doors were wedged open by the Labour party in 1997. No, it’s not all by young immigrants, not at all. And a lot of the victims are black and asian. But most AREN’T. And those attacking and murdering people are just as likely to be low-IQ white yobs, as non-white immigrants.
    Its the “It’s everybody’s fault but the perpetrator” mentality and the idiotic “Human Rights” madness which has been rich growing compound for the most violent yobs in society.
    When it comes home to roost like the above, it certainly makes the victim think. Theres many who DON’T survive to tell the tale.

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