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  1. Psychogeographic experiments can only be conducted on location and collectively. It’s a sort of minimal definition. Google Earth is about computer assisted abstraction of space from a distance, and I’m fairly sure any situationist would consider that as having nothing to do with “derive” or psychogeographic experiment.
    Nevertheless a very interesting project and I wish you a pleasent voyage.

  2. Thanks Simon,
    I must say I’m quite surprised I got your comment. this site was only uploaded the day before yesterday and is still very sketchy. The funny thing is that I uploaded this post only becouse I had a problem mailing it last night.
    It is a rough sketch for a course Dan Phiffer and myself are proposing for Eyebeam (NY based new media center).
    How did you find this site?

    concerning your comment:
    You are right. We will address issues of Psychogeography and ask what does technology have to with that. Maybe nothing, though I am trying to think of web browsing and city browsing and to think how can the two inform each other. In that sense, I do find situationists psychogeography to be relevant.

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