To whom does the land belong?

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  1. Indeed, it’s biblical. Ismaeli actually refers to the legend of Abraham which had two sons Ismael and Isaac. Sons of Isaac are jews and sons of Ismael are arabs (not just Palestinians).

    I wish I could speak Hebrew. It seems really interesting.

  2. Yes, it is interesting/sad that the Biblical rivalry was the aspect that was emphasized rather the biblical kinship.

    I wonder if/when will Youtube include a built-in interface for croudsourced translations and transcripts. (we do know they have a clear interest in that)

  3. At heart the discussion is about the nature of faith. the contrast between faith in and of itself, as opposed to ways to faith through action. one is a faith with no instrumental function, for the sake of faith alone. The other is faith for the sake of reward. it is important to not that both are recognized as legitimate forms.

    Leibowitz represents the ideal in which gods intention is not knowable and the faithful must work without any expectation of redemption or prize – as exemplified by the highest symbol of the Jewish faith, that of Abraham, where all human values were annulled and overridden by fear and love of God. It is contrasted with the idea of redemption through the means of the state.

    In this point of view, patriotism (as exemplified by his detractors)is a human motive devoid of sanctity, as such the existence of the state has no particular religious value. (because the earth belongs to god, and he was before the earth existed)

    This position does not recognize redemption as it is often posited by those who seek to tie the work of the land with the work of god. Indeed, from this vantage point, the union between the State of Israel (a state ruled by law and not by the guidance of the halakah as Ben gurion liked to say) and the religious entity is a form of spiritual corruption.

  4. “no people have no right over no land”… this Leibowitz dude is a fucking hippie But still, he is absolutely right! It’s a shame he haven’t done some rapping for the masses before he past away. I also agree with what Doron is saying regarding the core of the discussion which is actually the nature of faith.

    only thing I’m not too sure of is Leibowitz ‘s statement saying that only 2 solutions can end the hatred…

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