A Subtle Zionist Occupation of Gaza through Google Maps

2 thoughts on “A Subtle Zionist Occupation of Gaza through Google Maps”

  1. Interesting work you’re doing. The use of political geography is very common inside Israel as well, especially when talking about the occupation between lefties and righties.
    The Arab village “sheik munis” is a right wings favorite site (where now lays TAU) when trying to point out that “Everything is occupied”. Its not on maps but in the political geographical narrative.
    Maps play an important role in the indoctrination of young kids in Israel and Palestine. In majority of Israeli classrooms the map is a fake one.
    There is no Unbiased info.

    Keep up your great work. I enjoy it from afar.

    Harkavi – yud bet 6 galili

    1. Thanks Eyal, this “everything is occupied” is well described by Leibowitz in the video I referred to in my post To Whom Does the Land Belong? a few weeks ago. Leibowitz makes the point that no people have no right over no land. I think this “right” terminology is a huge part of the problem.

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