Getting Intimate with Invisible Audiences

9 thoughts on “Getting Intimate with Invisible Audiences”

  1. Please, please, please have a look at Nissenbaum’s _Privacy in Context_ and try again.

    1. Thanks Argh,
      Helen’s book is defnitely on my reading list (she’s actually my colleague as we’re both teaching at NYU’s Media Culture & Communication dept.). So now that you mention it in the context of this post I am even more interested in checking it out. I would definitely write more about this subject after I read it. Hopefully you will have some more constructive tips for me then. ;)

  2. […] I have written a new essay for this biennial’s publication and for this event titled Getting Intimate with Invisible Audiences. In this essay I am using both Chat Roulette & the bible as two critical case studies through […]

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