We only care for Tunisians if they validate our techno-fetish

4 thoughts on “We only care for Tunisians if they validate our techno-fetish”

  1. Thank you, can you add that nobody execpt in tunis downtown talk about Jasmin revolution ,only western media,plus they send death squads (german,israelis,french) to steel our revolution.

  2. while reading in an “intelligent” Israeli news paper this morning, I was asking myself: Wikileaks publishes some stuff about what Ben Ali’s wife did with the people’s money and its enough to trigger a revolution? for the Tunisian people this wasn’t new(s) at all and even if it was… are we that ignorant?

  3. The revolution will not be twitterized. And why do we need validation of our techno fetish? Well, because if we didn’t continually appropriate anything and everything into the perpetual notion machine we’d be hard pressed to answer what the hell were doing instead of mounting a revolution.

  4. Struck me as funny- this:

    Without the West noticing, the Ben Ali regime has fallen and the self-centered new media elite has awoken to the news—a totalitarian regime has fallen.

    almost makes new/social media sound like the MSM they’re supposed to be much better than. But I agree, fetishism for tools has gotten a bit out of hand, but could it be in our nature? I can totally imagine early man throwing his first spear and marveling at the pointed tip and how it killed the wildebeest. Or wait, perhaps early man had his priorities in order and instead threw down that spear and started roasting those ribs.

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