Gaza and the media parasite/host reversal

What Gaza teaches us of networked solidarity The web is celebrated as this new radical space that re-challenges our old definitions of identity and solidarity, beyond prejudice, beyond borders, beyond nationality. However, the war in Gaza and the mediation around it tells a slightly different story. I would like to focus a couple of blog … Continue reading Gaza and the media parasite/host reversal

Knut presentation (2003)

Four years ago I gave this presentation about the amazing experience I had in Ars Electronica 2001 when I was invited by the guys at Team Chman (the ones behind Banja) and by the illustrator Barbara Lippe to create a Flash arcade anti-game with them called Knut. I just accidentally found this at Google Video:

My People, Let Pharaoh Go!

Thoughts about opt-in surveillance technologies Unforgettable Face I just lately came across this cool website called Riya. Riya is an image search engine that doesn’t only search the data associated with the image, but actually searches the image content itself. Riya recognizes text in the images and through it’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and human … Continue reading My People, Let Pharaoh Go!