short+audio – my Open Source Design slides

3 thoughts on “short+audio – my Open Source Design slides”

  1. Hi Mushon Zer-Aviv,
    First of all congratulations for your 5 minutes lecture, I thinks is one of the best and more complete lecture I have ever seen.
    We have to present our website to some students in Rio de Janeiro and I was wondering if you would not mind if we made some references to your lecture.It will help us a lot to introduce them to the Open Source Design phylosophy

    1. It would be my pleasure and honor to have my ideas exposed to your students :)

      1. Thanks a lot!
        Lets see how it works.
        Have a look at the web site if you have time, we will apreciate any comments you may have!
        We are trying to make a collaborative platform where designers can share and improve their designs…

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