Why we take shit from cats? (and love them for it)

7 thoughts on “Why we take shit from cats? (and love them for it)”

  1. hey!!! LOL
    incredible….but i would prefer catz to use better way of controlling our minds though..

    1. Although I have no doubt your comment was insincere and was meant to drive traffic for your site, I really found it hilarious. So good luck and all the best to your cat!

  2. ok, first of all toxo kills anything that becomes infected with it. it doesn’t kill them by driving them into the arms of a hungry cat or by making you drive off the road, no toxoplasmosis is even worse it eats away at your brain until you are dead. everything I have read about this infection doesn’t say (from a human host standpoint) anything about making someone love cats. what it does say is that you will die if you become infected.

    1. well, I admit, this post is not very “scientific”. Sorry if I have not made the ‘tong-and-chick’ tone explicit enough ;)

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