Surveillance & Privacy in art

For my ‘current events’ in privacy & information I have decided to give some examples of new-media artworks / experiments that refer to the subject. This is a choice of some project which will each give its own perspective and hopefully be informative as a ‘what’s being done in the field’ kind of overview. This is of-course a very limited overview, but hopefully you’ll find it useful and inspiring. Continue reading “Surveillance & Privacy in art”

An Emergent Public Artwork in 116th Street

About two months ago, Galia and I were walking down 116th Street in Harlem. Being terribly late for our meeting with Dan and Ellie, we tried to walk as fast as we could. As we were walking by a little neighborhood Basketball court, something there made us stop. In the middle of the court the Basketball hoop was lying, it’s base torn off and it’s board flat facing the ground. Something about this image was so disturbing for us that we couldn’t just walk by and ignore it.

Continue reading “An Emergent Public Artwork in 116th Street”

OFFF Interview

Just published an interview with Offf festival’s chief curator, Hector Ayuso. In the changing scene of new-media design, the Barcelona born OFFF festival has always presented the voice of the creative cutting edge. Pixelsurgeon interviews Hector Ayuso, OFFF s chief curator towards the coming up OFFF MX 2006 (March 2-4). Check the rest of the … Continue reading OFFF Interview

Show & Tell: Contemporary Cartography vs. Cybernetics in History

For my Show & Tell spot at the Theoretical aspects of interactivity class, I would discuss some of the ideas brought up in Norbert Weiner’s ‘Cybernetics in history’ essay, concerning my thoughts about contemporary cartography and community GIS.

Here are some ideas I would like to go over in class: Continue reading “Show & Tell: Contemporary Cartography vs. Cybernetics in History”

Where It’s @

The following is a draft for a course Dan and I might give in Eyebeam: Where It’s @ mapping and location awareness Mapping is first and foremost an attempt of contextualizing one’s surrounding environment. More than just asking “Where am I?” we believe the cartographer is also concerned with the question “Where am I not?” … Continue reading Where It’s @